Saturday, August 25, 2007

Did I marry jail bait?

Oh, yeah. One more thing. This "half plus seven" rule that Matt told us about on the show is really bothering. Sometimes when I do the math, I say breathe a sigh of relief. Other times, I wonder if I ought to turn myself in to the cops. "Half plus seven"? you ask. I did, too. It's Man's Rule No. 441: Do not date a woman (or girl) who is younger than half your age plus seven years old. In other words, if you're 18, you can get away with dating a 16-year-old (Half of 18 is 9, plus 7,equals 16). And if you're 34, you can't date anyone younger than 24 (Half of 34 is 17, plus 7, equals 24). Gotcha worried? There's a calculator on the Web at

Cannon, Whatley and a lost class ring

Boy, did downtown merchant/lawyer Phil Cannon steal the show Wednesday.

Phil walked into the studio, put on the headset, and spent the next 90 minutes Tuesday chatting away nonstop -- offering insight, information, and -- yep -- humor. I just sent him an e-mail to make it perfectly clear that he's welcome to come and co-host the show.

Among the week's other highlight was our chat with Superintendent of Schools Sally Whatley. She's not in her comfort zone in a radio studio, not knowing for sure what's going to be thrown her way, but she toughed it out. And she told the school system's story -- which is why we invited her.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to solve the Albany High Class of 1972 mystery. I received an e-mail from someone trying to return to its owner a girl's class ring with the initials YML. We talked about it on the show, and got a call right away from a 1972 grad who is going to hook us up with an old Indians' yearbook. Stay tuned.

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