Monday, August 6, 2007

Wakin' Up Albany

Wake Up Albany! continues to be the talk of the town. Folks want to know who "that Matt guy" is. The man sure knows how to make an interview flow.

Since my first blog, here's who we've had the show: Sam Shugart, Lake Park Recreation Club volunteer; Sophia Glover, Albany State University's public information director, and Dr. Leroy Bynum, ASU's fine arts chair; David Maschke, a Dougherty County Board of Education member; Dr. Carole Rutland, executive director of RiverWay South; Mike Gebhart, the Albany Herald publisher; Jim Finkelstein, the First Amendment-defending freedom-to-smoke-pot advocating Albany attorney; Janice Allen Jackson, former Albany city manager; Jim Wilcox, general manager of WALB-TV; and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle -- again!

Here's what's on tap on Wake Up Albany! Interviews start just after 7:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 7 -- Lynn Borders, executive director of Community in Schools of Albany-Dougherty/Partnership for Education, will discuss the "Dine Out for Kids" and the recent merger of two educational programs.

  • Wednesday, Aug. 8 -- At 8 a.m., Diane Fletcher, the Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition CEO, will discuss our area's cancer rates the coalition's initiatives to battle the deadly disease.

  • Thursday, Aug. 9 -- Ken Hodges, the Dougherty County Judicial Circuit district attorney, will discuss the perceptions and realities associated with question: Is Albany safe?

  • Friday, Aug. 10 -- Steve Preston, director of the Darton College Writing Center and former host of "The Front Page" radio show, will return to the microphone after a long hiatus.

  • Monday, Aug. 13 -- Ketih Walker, the Albany Chorale artistic director, will discuss the new season, how to audition, and how people can supoprt the organization.

  • Wednesday, Aug. 15 -- Jennifer Stokes, the GA SAFE Albany resource director, will discuss foster parenting.

  • Thursday, Aug. 16: Dr. Sally Whatley, Dougherty County School System superintendent, will discuss the local board's feats and challenges.

  • Friday, Aug. 17: Jenny Collins, of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, will discuss the chamber's Young Leaders initiative.