Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cannon, Whatley and a lost class ring

Boy, did downtown merchant/lawyer Phil Cannon steal the show Wednesday.

Phil walked into the studio, put on the headset, and spent the next 90 minutes Tuesday chatting away nonstop -- offering insight, information, and -- yep -- humor. I just sent him an e-mail to make it perfectly clear that he's welcome to come and co-host the show.

Among the week's other highlight was our chat with Superintendent of Schools Sally Whatley. She's not in her comfort zone in a radio studio, not knowing for sure what's going to be thrown her way, but she toughed it out. And she told the school system's story -- which is why we invited her.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to solve the Albany High Class of 1972 mystery. I received an e-mail from someone trying to return to its owner a girl's class ring with the initials YML. We talked about it on the show, and got a call right away from a 1972 grad who is going to hook us up with an old Indians' yearbook. Stay tuned.

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